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What is TripRSVP? Is it just another booking site?

No! Unlike other sites we are all about TRIP CUSTOMIZATION and having the deal and customization sent to you instead of you trying to figure out how to piece it all together. Instead of you spending hours looking up the best deals at your next destination, now all you have to do is enter in the city you’re headed to, and the customized deals all come straight to you. This goes for all components of travel including hotel, air, car-rental, car service, entertainment, restaurants, even banquet facilities, and much more.

What is this RSVP Feature that’s getting all the buzz lately?

The RSVP feature is pretty amazing actually. You know how when you’re invited to an event you RSVP to let ‘em know you’re coming? Well now you are doing that with your next trip. You are telling that city “Hey, I’m on my way to your area and I want all of the businesses in that area to show me some love by sending me your best deals or coupons!” The RSVP connects destination hotspots and businesses to incoming travelers before those travelers have to look for deals on their own. Create your RSVP and let deals find you.

So how exactly do I RSVP?

It’s easy and takes seconds only. Simply enter your destination city, enter what services and kind of deals you are looking for and hit submit. That’s it. After that, the deals come right to you. Once you see a deal you like, print the voucher and follow any instructions the voucher may have to make sure it’s honored.

If I book any deals or accommodations through your site can I contact you about questions or changes I may have about the booking?

TripRSVP is a leads site only and does not actually process any bookings. This goes for any billing issues or credit card disputes as well. When you print a coupon, or offer from a participating business then that transaction is now between you the user and the participating business.

I’m a Business Owner or Hotel Operator and I want to be a part of this (who can blame me?!). How do I sign up and how does the process go?

Simply go to Partner Up at the top of each page and create your company profile. It’s fast, easy, and completely free. Once you submit, we’ll send you an approval and you can start creating your vouchers and coupons, but more importantly you will be able to start seeing and responding to RSVPs immediately. All of these features are free. Yes, that’s right we said “free”. Free to users and free to participating businesses.

I’m a Business Owner and I responded to some RSVPs and I haven’t heard back. Why? What can I do now?

TripRSVP is here to make sure users and travelers get the best deals possible. Perhaps the deal you offered was not the best deal the traveler was presented with. Remember, there are other businesses like yours in the market competing for our user’s business. Always offer your best deal and the business will come. If the deal you’ve offered is one you have published as a regular price or even a sale, then it’s highly unlikely a traveler will take you up on your offer. Our users want deals. We have made it so that businesses can respond to each RSVP only one time and that each RSVP received is anonymous. Our user privacy and security is very important to us.

Why isn't my destination city included the search drop down?

TripRSVP is only available to certain markets at this time. While we have hotels and businesses signing up regularly in cities not listed, its is our policy not to make markets that don't meet a participating business minimum available to the traveling consumer just yet. The good news is that tripRSVP is growing fast and soon many more markets are slated to be added. If you are a traveler check back with us before every trip to see if your destination has been added. If you are a hotel or destination business and your market is not listed you can sign up with us anyway and once your market is added you will be ready to go!

I'm organizing a conference, convention, or banquet. Can tripRSVP help?

Absolutely! Just RSVP Groups & Banquets from the home page while filling in as much detail as you can and see what kind of results come your way